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Dr. Cheryl Keller Capone is an Associate Research Professor at Penn State University with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology also from Penn State University. She is currently using genomics to study blood cell development with an overall research goal of understanding gene regulation in mammals. In total, she has over 24 years of scientific research experience in several different areas, including muscle development, neuroscience, and mitochondrial DNA forensics. She is also a former collegiate level runner and a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

On a more personal level, Cheryl suffered from widespread persistent pain for more than six years. With the help of two compassionate clinicians and a lot of strength training, she made a full recovery and is now back to running, cycling, and swimming. She currently resides in State College, PA.


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  1. Hi Cheryl, I came across your podcast on Pain Reframed and wanted to say I found it very enlightening and a sense of hope.
    There were so many similarities you described it was like I was listening to my own history.
    Similar age (43) plenty of child hood injuries, broken bones etc, but back trouble started about twenty years ago and on and off pain.
    Bilateral pars defect, spondylitis, slight scoliosis etc. years of neck getting jammed etc.
    Recent years a ruptured L4/L5 disk.
    Then after battling dysbiosis and extreme stomach distension the past two years my back has stiffened and sciatic pain in glute, leg and foot. Painful sitting or standing still. I’m still active with two you children, Pilates, surfing, cycling etc. moving is ok it’s the being stationary that hurts.
    I’d love to hear more about something you mentioned in the podcast, spatial awareness, movement or rotation? I see physio and chiro but wondering if I need to speak to another practioner?
    Anyhow it’s good to hear that someone with similar description of symptoms has made good progress. Kind regards


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